Your smart contact app

You know what you want, now your phone knows too. Dringer picks up your habits and comes with a dynamic contact list which offers simple and quick access to the people you want.

    Smart List

    Our patent pending algorithm takes a number of variables into account, learns from your habits and comes up with a short list of the people you're most likely to contact. This way the people in your mind are always at your fingertips.

    Smart Dialpad

    It is not just a dialpad. You can type even part of the number and Dringer will indetify the contact you're looking for. Alternatively it will also try to compare it against names, nicknames, emails or any other elements stored in your address book and show you matching contacts.

    No Servers

    Your address book data remains on your phone and all the processing takes place inside the app. We don't upload anything to our servers.

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